It’s official, everyone has an iphone now.

I was the very last hold out.

I loved my old, black, scratched flip phone, even though it was too “dumb” to even get a picture text.  I loved it because it had been with me through so much…and I could let my children suck on it, and throw it without any worries.  That thing was indestructible.  No matter where I left it or what cruel mis-use I inflicted on it, it returned to me in perfect working order.  I assumed we’d be together forever.

My husband got his iphone a year and a half ago.  At the time I didn’t really see what the big deal was…but then I did start to see that yup, iphones are awesome.  And my little flip phone was definitely not awesome.

So, last month I caved.  I got an iphone.

And I love it.

A little too much.

So, since we all have one, here is a SUPER EASY case for an iphone to whip up for your Valentine.  It can be completed in 10 minutes or less, seriously!

Let’s get started!
Supplies: Felt scarps, Stick Pins, Snap, Sewing Machine and Thread.

1. Cut two rectangles of felt, one centimeter larger on all sides than your iphone.  Then cut out several little hearts, roughly the same size in various colors of felt.

2. Pin the hearts to the front rectangle, so they line up.  I put mine in a bit of a curve.

3. Head to the sewing machine and sew through all the hearts in one continuous stitch.

4. Pound in a snap! and DONE!

Happy early Valentine’s Day!  And, make sure to come back for more Valentine’s projects.  I got lots more to share.

PS–if you are up for a little bit more work, and if you love owls as much as I do, check out these iphone cases I put together last spring:

Felt Owl iPhone Case
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