Happy (almost) Friday.  It has been a good but a long week here.  Not only is it bone-chillingly cold (I live in Minnesota and it is so cold here that they cancelled school—and remember that’s in Minnesota where we are used to the cold.  -40 wind chill!) but the week has also been long because my husband has been traveling for work all week, to balmy California.  I am excited for him to return tomorrow!

But in the meantime I have a little project for you that is super cheap to make and I think turned out really nice.  This denim and felt hoop was inspired by this project that has been sitting on my Pinterest board for awhile now.  I changed the color and added the denim.  I also figured out how to make the flowers.  Here is a tutorial:

Simple felt flower How To:

Supplies: Felt, Needle and matching thread.

1. Cut out 5 identical pedals.  Above you can see I have the pedals cut out for several flowers, each a differnt size.  I experimented with narrow pedals and plump pedals and liked the variety it gave my completed flowers.

2. Stitch through the base of each pedal, up one side and down the other.  As you stitch make sure you are stitching on the same side of each pedal (as shown above) by laying out the pedals as you stitch through them.

3. Once you stitch through each pedal, stitch through the first pedal again.

4. With the pedals flat on the table, pull the thread tight until the pedals are gathered tight at the center, each pedal folded once in the middle.  Stitch through the back of the flower several times to secure and tie off the thread.

Then I used a pair of jeans from the rag pile for the background of the hoop and attached the completed flowers with hot glue.

I really love how it turned out…  It stinks having a husband that travels for work, but in the evening when the kids are in bed a get a little bit more crafting done!

Thanks, as always, for being here!