I LOVE getting picture Christmas cards in the mail.  It may be one of the merriest parts of the season for me.  Getting those cards is a wonderful reminder of all the loving, beautiful people in my life.  It’s also fun to see what some of those that live far away have been up to and how their children have grown.  Like many of you, I tape each picture up as it comes in the mail, until my cabinets are covered…but then Christmas ends…and I wonder what to do with all these pictures.  
Humm… for years I’d just take them down and make a stack.  The stack would get moved from here to there until I either lost track of it, or got rid of them.  And I hate getting rid of pictures.  So, I came up with a simple solution that, as it turns out, not only allows we to save the Christmas photos, but also serves a valuable purpose.  
I made a binder, organized by year, to preserve all these wonderful photos.  In this binder I not only include pictures sent at Christmas, but any picture card we receive in the mail: birth announcements, ordination announcements, save the dates, etc.  

Shortly after I made my binder I realized that I could use it as a helpful reference.  If I was wondering, “how old is so-and-so’s kid” I can just flip through the binder and see that they have a new baby in their 2009 Christmas card, so the kid is 3 now.  Flipping through the pages is also how I figure out how long people have been married, and so on.

So, not only is it fun to look at everyone’s old Christmas cards, it’s useful!

And finally, here is the picture my husband and I used on our Christmas card this year:

Much thanks to my cousin Bridget who snapped this photo for me during a hectic family Christmas!
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