Fun Felt Handbag

Hello!  So happy you are here again.  Today I have a project that is slightly more involved that my usual projects, but it is really ultimately very simple.  I think this handbag turned out really cute and I am excited that it to be part of a Christmas present for my niece.
Here’s the how-to:
  • Felt (two pieces 9″x11″, two pieces 9″x7″, one piece 2″x12″)
  • Scrap Felt for applique circles
  • Pins, Thread, Sewing Machine
Step 1: Cut pieces of felt, including 24 1.5″ circles (12 for each side).  Pin the circles in straight rows onto the larger felt pieces.  Then sew lines threw the circles, both vertically and horizontally.

Step 2: With right sides in, sew three sides of the large felt pieces (now with circles appliqued on).  Repeat with smaller felt rectangles.

Step 3: When done with step 2, you should have two rough “bag shapes” as pictured below.  One will be smaller than the other.

Step 4: With the larger “bag” inside out, place the smaller “bag” right side out inside of the larger “bag”.  Match up the side seams and pin in place.  Then, sew around the top, leaving a 3″ gap so that the bag can be turned right-side out.

Step 5: Once the bag is turned, hand-stitch shut the gap you left so the bag could be flipped (don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be perfect.  It will be hidden).

Step 6: Once the entire top is sewn, push the lining down into the bag, this will pull the top part of the outside bag down.

Step 7: Create the strap.  Take the 2″x 12″ piece of felt you cut.  Fold in half and fold in each end.  Pin, and sew along the edge.

Step 8: And finally, hand-stitch the strap in place.

Done!  Takes a little more time, but if I could manage this, anyone could!
Best of luck and once again, I love that you stopped by!


  1. BeanBugCrafts says:

    This turned out cute! Lots of patience cutting, pinning, and sewing on the little felt but it looks like it was “sew” worth it. I found your link up from the Brassy Apple Linky party, thanks for sharing!

    Anna @ Bean Bug Crafts

  2. So stinkin’ cute!! I love this :o)

    Thanks for partying with us @ Keep Calm & Link Up this week!
    xo, Meredith

  3. so, so pretty!


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