As an expecting parent it is so difficult to tell what you are going to use when the baby actually arrives.  When we were registering I registered for lots of receiving blankets.  I kept thinking, “you can’t have too many receiving blankets”.  Well, now that I am prepping for baby number 2, and finally going through some of those piles in the nursery, I discovered that I had a whole pile of receiving blankets I never used with baby number one.  I just never thought to use them.  They aren’t warm enough to work as a real blanket, and I used burp cloths.  So, what to do with this whole stack?

Well, with the help of my dear friend April, I transformed these unused receiving blankets into the perfect burp cloth.  This is patterned after burp cloths April made for me with baby number one.  What makes these burp cloths so awesome is the shape.  They are in the shape of an 8, so they fit perfectly over your shoulder and they are filled with quilt batting so they can take a lot of spit-up before it gets on you.  Here is the simple how to.


  • Soft Durable Fabric (or receiving blankets)
  • Quilt Batting
  • Sewing Machine, thread, needle and pins.
  • Pattern–Here is the simple explanation of how to make your pattern:  Tip to Tip, each piece should be 20″.  It is in the shape of an “8”, so the fattest part, top and bottom in 9′, and the thinnest part in the center is 7″.  Sketch that out on tissue paper and round the edges.
Step 1: Cut out top and bottom piece from burp cloth.  My pattern was only half and I placed it on the fold.  Note: I could make 2 burp rags (4 pieces total) out of each receiving blanket.  Also, cut out a piece of quilt batting with the pattern.

Step 2: Layer your three pieces: outside pieces right side in, and the quilt batting on top. Pin together and sew around the outside leaving an opening so you can turn it right side out.

Step 3: Trim excess material along the edges.

Sep 4: Pull through the gap left so the right sides are facing out.  Press flat.  Tuck in the rough edges where you left the gap so you could turn it.  Pin in place.

Step 5: Zig zag around the entire outside.

And finally, add an infant, some spit-up and stay clean!  I am elated that I will have so many more burp cloths this time around, because I know that you really can’t ever have too many burp cloths!
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