Make your own baby wipes
I am excited to share today a DIY Baby Wipes Recipe that I have been using with my kids for a few years now.  I stand by it, and will use it for as long as I have kids in diapers.

The decision to quit my job and become a stay-at-home mom was not an easy one for me and my husband.  We spent a lot of time pouring over a budget, running scenarios and talking to people who already had kids.  In the end the door opened…and a lot of other doors shut.  However, even though I was making a teacher’s salary, my income was, and is still, missed.  Therefore, I have made it my “job” to save money were possible.  I have a grocery budget (that I do better with some months), we do without some of our more expensive hobbies, we buy secondhand often, we do cloth diapers, and I make my own wipes.  I know none of these things will be getting us rich, but cutting corners and tightening the budget has brought me and my husband closer together and, I feel, led us to live a more simple, focused life.

And so, here is the simple how-to for making your own wipes.  I got this “recipe” from my dear friend Dorothy.  She uses these wipes exclusively and is very dedicated to cloth diapers too.  (Ain’t she cool?) Also, and this is important, if you are hesitant I want you to know that my son has NEVER had a diaper rash of any note and we have used these wipes literally from day 1.  These wipes are natural and very gentle on his little butt.

DIY Baby Wipes Recipe

DIY bay wipes recipe


  • Roll of Paper towels (the kind with the smaller sheets are best)
  • Knife and Cutting Board
  • Natural Cleaning Solution  Here is what I use
  • Essential oils, Lavender and Ylang Ylang
  • Container (I use an old ice cream pail with the lid)
Step 1: Cut paper towel roll in half and remove outer plastic.

Step 2: Mix up wipe solution.  Here is the recipe:

  • 1/2 cup Cleaning Solution, mixed with water 3:1
  • 3 cups of water
  • 4-6 drops of Lavender Oil
  • 4-6 drops of Ylang Ylang Oil
Place paper towel roll into the solution, rough side up.  After 15 minutes, flip the paper towel roll around so that the rough side is down.
Make your own baby wipes

Step 3: After an additional 15 minutes, pull out the center cardboard tube.  Since it is soaked through, it will be easy to remove.

baby wipes recipe

Step 4: Gently pull up the wipes from the middle and use!

organic baby wipes

I hope you consider making these DIY baby wipes.  They are easy and one 1/2 paper towel roll will usually last me about 1.5 weeks.

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