Today I have a simple little project that I recently completed for my parents.  They celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary on Friday.  Don’t my parents look young?!?  This is a photo transfer that anyone, with the right materials, could easily accomplish.

Scrap piece of wood (my sister put an addition on her house, so that’s where mine came from)

Photo photo-copied onto regular pinter paper

Omni-Gel 8-Ounce Transfer Medium

modge podge

paint brush

wash cloth

1:  Coat the piece of wood with transfer gel.

2. place photo-copied picture face-down into the gel.  Press down and make sure that all air bubble are out.  Allow to dry for several hours.
3. Once gel is completely dry, place a wet wash cloth over the paper and allow it to soak through.  Then, using the pads of your fingers, start rubbing off the paper.  And keep rubbing!  It takes a while to get all the paper off.  In the end I used a toothbrush to get the last scraps of paper off.
4.  Finally when all the paper is removed, seal with mod podge and embellish as you choose.
Easy, right?!?
And now, more importantly, a word or two about my parents.  The fact that they have endured each other for 34 years alone stands as a testament to their relationship.  But, beyond that, what I have always known about my parents is that they live their relationship out in the open.  They love, fight, pray, laugh and struggle out loud.  As a kid I never doubted that my parents passionately cared about each other…and that sometimes it was hard to be around the other person.  What they presented to us growing up was a very real image of what marriage is.
Now that I am married I am very thankful for that example.  Marriage is fun…but it is also a struggle, especially when you start throwing in kids and job-stress and all the other things we deal with as adults.  Most importantly, my parents taught through example that it is okay to fight, as along as there is forgiveness and comprise at the end of each fight.  That is how they have lived their lives together, and how they continue to live today.  I truly have had a wonderful example.  Thanks mom and dad!
My parents this summer with all of their grandchildren
Also, my mom had a blog she is very devoted to: Family Soul Story.
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