My husband and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary this week, so I thought I would stay on that theme, and in the process create a few nice things to commemorate two years.  Side note, it feels like a lot longer than two years!  Mostly for good reasons.  We are 2 months from welcoming our second child into the family.  So, in two years we’ve added two more human beings to the population.  Wild!  To say nothing of how our lives have changed.  Our weekend fun now is taking the little guy to a splash pad…and I can’t even remember what wine tastes like!  All that in only two years!

But onto the project!

This is a simple project that has a cool final effect.  Simply stated, it is a black and white photo printed on cardstock with embroidery embellishments.

Supplies needed:
  • Picture printed on b&w on cardstock
  • Embroidery floss
  • Sharp needles
  • Scissors
  • Painters’s tape
  • Frame
  • Apply painter’s tape to the back of the photo, where you plan to stitch.  This will help keep the paper from ripping.
  • Using a sharp needle, stitch with long back-stitches along the outlines of objects.  It is important that your holes don’t get too close, as the paper will rip.  Also, reuse the same hole to connect lines.  Finally, before you push you needle through the paper, make sure you are in the right location…you don’t what the people in the photo to end up looking like voodoo dolls!
  • Crop and frame!
Oh!  What a good day that was…and what a good man I have!
Thanks for stopping by and happy Monday,

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