My son is only 15 months old…but I just can’t wait!  I really want to be working on projects with the little guy, so I thought up this one, and we did it together (with lots of mommy prep and post work), but I can honestly say, this is my son’s watercolor work and I am very pleased with the result of our combined efforts.

Watercolor is something my mom raised us doing.  My mom continues to do watercolors for the grandchildren, and we cherish each one.  In fact, I have three watercolors set aside to frame and hang in the “big boy” room we are putting together for my son once the baby arrives.  And, on vacation this year my mom gave my son his first taste (figuratively and literally) of watercoloring.

So, here is how the project went:

1. Find images you like the shape of (I used all animals).  Print these to the correct size, cut out, and trace onto vinyl.  Cut out. **side note, I am not lucky enough to have a fancy cutting machine…maybe someday…**

2. Depending if you want a silhouette or not, place either the image itself or the outline of the image onto the watercolor paper.  (Note, we learned that the vinyl itself will not fully keep out the watercolor (especially if your little guy likes water as much as mine!) but it will work to keep things from getting too messy and allow you to find the outline with the paint is dry).

3. Head outside and PAINT!

4.  After dry, remove the vinyl and carefully cut out the objects or their silhouette.

5. Frame. NOTE–I couldn’t justify buying 6 new frames for this project, so I used old frames around the house, and bought a few second hand, and then spray painted them all black.

6.  Finally, stay outside and enjoy the rest of a beautiful morning before cleaning up .

I hope this makes your Monday a little brighter!  Also, if you have any other ideas for art projects with little people, I’d love to see them!

Thanks, as always, for being here!

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