I guess I got little birdies on the mind.  Here is another felt birdie that I stitched up the other day.  I know that it is still summer, but I plan on giving these as gifts to the little girls in my life as Christmas ornaments.  I plan on stitching their name on the tummies…but I haven’t done that yet!

These little birds are simple and quick.  Just get out the felt, some quilt batting and some thread and down load this pattern.

Step 1– Cut out the pieces for this bird using the pattern provided.  8 pieces total.

Step 2–Stitch on the “tummy” piece with a simple running stitch to both sides of the body.

Step 3–Use long back stitches to attach one wing to both body pieces.  Also, make an eye using either a small piece of white felt or just black thread.

Step 4– Cut out a piece of quilt batting that is slightly smaller than the body pieces.  Sandwich this piece between the two body pieces and pin the beak and tail in place.  Also, pin a ribbon or string in place if you want to make an ornament.  Then, blanket stitch around the bird, using a running stitch when you are going around the beak and wing.

And done!  Aren’t they colorful and fun!?!  I think they are cute cute cute!  I hope you do too!

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