DIY Paper Bead Rosary

The rosary is a part of my everyday life.  And, it feels like I can never have too many rosaries!  I while ago I found a tutorial on making paper beads.  Since I couldn’t really see myself wearing a paper-bead necklace, I thought this would be perfect for making a rosary.

This project takes some time, but it is a gratifying process, and in the end you will truly have a rosary that you made entire yourself.  Also, this may be the absolute cheapest craft that I have ever made.  All told the supplies cost maybe 50 cents…if that!

Step 1: Making the paper beads
Supplies: Newspaper torn into 1″ squares (about), Elmer’s glue, stock pot, drill with a 1/4 bit, paint and TIME.

Place newspaper in the stock pot.  Pour boiling water over the newspaper until it is covered.  Allow to sit for an hour, stirring often to help the newspaper break down into even smaller pieces.  After an hour drain out as much water as possible.

Add glue to the mushy newspaper.  Be liberal.

Take small pieces of the newspaper-glue mixture and roll balls, squeezing out as much water as possible was you roll.  

Allow a few days for the beads to try.  Return to them every couple hours to continue rolling and squeezing out excess water.  
When dry, drill a hole in each bead using a drill and a 1/4″ bit.  Then paint as desired.
Step 2: Making the Rosary
Supplies: Paper Beads, smaller beads, Fishing line, wooden discs (mine are from branches that fell in our yard), and paint.
First I strung the body of the rosary, placing two of my smaller metallic beads before and after each (larger) Our Father bead.
Then I got to work making my center piece and cross.  For this I sawed up slices of a thick branch that fell in our yard.  I then drilled holes so it could be strung onto the rosary.  On the center piece I painted a simple Immaculate Heart, and then an even simpler cross for the end.  
When I had the antiphon beads connected, my work was done!  I made two rosaries:
One I painted metallic 

The other I used primary colors for a more child-like rosary.
And that’s how you make a paper bead rosary!  Thanks for stopping by!

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