Here is a very simple project that we have gotten a TON of use out of already.  It is simple and very easy to make (I think I put this together is a single nap time or less).  Also, since our closest family lives 3 hours away…and other family lives 18 hours to 24 hours away, this is a way for our 10 month old to remember the people we love but don’t see often enough.

I was inspired to make this book after noticing how much our little Gus loves books with flaps.  I had thought of making a version of this book out of paper/card-stock, but felt was an easier, more kid-friendly solution.

Pictures of family
8″X6″ pieces of felt (as many as needed)
6″X6″ pieces of card-stock
Embroidery Thread
Sewing Machine

1. Arrange the pictures on the card-stock pages (both sides) and glue down
2. Take a piece of felt.  Lay it over the card-stock page making sure that the extra felt in hanging over what will be the binding.  Mark where the picture is underneath.  Cut just inside of three sides of the picture.  Repeat for all pages.
3. Using fabric glue, glue the felt to the card-stock, again making sure to leave the extra 2″ where the binding will be.  Allow to dry with the windows open.
4. Sew on buttons to each flap, to serve as “door knobs”.  Make sure the buttons are sewn on super well, so that a baby won’t work them loose.
5. Head to the sewing machine and stitch around the outside of each page (which is now three layers: felt/paper/felt).
6. Take black ink and outline the edges of each flap.
7. Stack all of the pages and do a blanket stitch to bind them.

I hope your baby loves their felt-flap book as much as mine does!


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