My Lenten resolutions usually involve the rosary in some way.  Like all things in my faith life, the rosary is something that brings with it such rich blessings if it is part of my daily life…and yet I struggle to pray a rosary every day.  Unfortunately, my daily rosary has suffered since I stopped working to become a stay-at-home mom.  I used to have a 30 minute drive to work each morning, and on that drive I would pray my rosary, always, which became essential since, especially in the last days before my son was born, my job was increasingly challenging.  Now that I am at home, and my days are less structured, and I am less consistent.
Therefore I have decided that I just need to pray the rosary when and where I can–while doing dishes, while at the park, whatever.  In preparation for this I stitched up a little rosary case, which is quite simple, and thought I would share it with you.  I already have a couple broken rosaries in my mess of a purse, and I thought this way my rosaries might last a little longer.
Scrap Felt
Tissue Paper
Needle and Thread
Step 1: Cut a strip of felt, about 9″x3″.  Fold into thirds, and cut the top third to look like the top of an envelope.

Step 2: Print a simple picture of our lady.  Trace the image, or outline of the image, onto tissue paper.  Pin the tissue paper onto what will be the back, middle section of the case.

Step 3: Using a simple back stitch, stitch on the outline our lady.  When you are done, carefully rip away all of the tissue paper.

Step 4: Pin up the bottom to create a case shape, with the top flap open.  Blanket stitch up the sides, around the top, and down the opposite side.

Step 5: Apply a snap

And finally, insert rosary, carry with you always…and quit making excuses about why you didn’t find time to pray the rosary!

I hope your lent is going well.  Please pray for me that I hold strong to my lenten resolutions!  Also, feel free to write me with any intentions you might have that I can pray for during my daily rosary.