As I mentioned yesterday, we recently celebrated my husband’s birthday.  I love my husband very much, and as we get further and further into this marriage, I feel like I am getting to know him pretty well.  And something I know for certain: he is a huge foodie, and he loves peanut butter, jelly, jam, nutella….pretty much anything that can be spread on toast.

So, for his birthday this year I whipped up some delicious homemade peanut butter and nutella.  Although it looked like my kitchen had been hit by a bomb after I was done, the process was relatively easy and fun.

I am not including a tutorial because I simply used other’s recipes I found online.

The peanut butter I made was no ordinary peanut butter; I made “Hell’s Kitchen” peanut butter, mimicked after the peanut butter they sell at Hell’s Kitchen, the restaurant.  This peanut butter is chunky and sweetened with honey and brown sugar!  Yum!

I also made Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (commonly known as Nutella).  This also turned out delicious, but if you make this, don’t be disappointed.  It is not exactly like the real nutella.  It is not as creamy, but both my husband and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

These gifts are part of my continuing effort to give gifts that are thoughtful and simple.  And this is something I am striving for in my life everyday: to be thoughtful and simple.

God Bless,