I gave up Pinterest for Lent…but every Sunday evening I allow myself to peek at it.  (I have a serious addiction).  This Sunday I stumbled upon this adorable little project at Sew Mama Sew.

I am really into felt right now, and the projects just screams Spring to me…but what is Spring without Easter?  So, I took this idea and made it symbolize the mystery of the Resurrection: From Death to New Life.  The project was very easy to complete, and I love that it turned out so colorful.

Supplies needed:
-scrap felt
-scrap piece of fabric for the background.
-Embroidery Hoop (your choose in size, and look for these second-hand!)
-Thread of various colors
-Fabric Glue

Step 1: Stretch your background material in the embrodiery hoop
Step 2: Cut out a cross shape that nearly reaches from top to bottom on your embroidery hoop.  Pin the cross shape to the the fabric and stitch it on with a simple running stitch.

Step 3: Pull out your stash of colorful felt.  Cut circles in two general sizes.  I like the look of free-hand circles, but feel free to use a coin or other circular object as a guide if you’d like yours to be more uniform.

Step 4: Start stitching on those circles, grouped largely at the bottom, with a few above for flowers with stem.  Once again, use a running stitch.  Also, I thread that often didn’t match the felt.  Do what you think looks best.

Step 5: Add the smaller circles inside the larger circles, this time stitching with a whip stitch.
Step 6: Add the stems to the flowers up above with green thread and a back stitch.
Step 7: Cut out leaf shapes from green felt.  Stitch these on with a back stitch.  I used 4 back stitches at the base of each leaf, leaving the top unstitched.

Step 8: Remove the fabric from the hoop and iron on inner-facing.  I added this step to make sure my stitches were held in place and to give the thin background fabric and little more thickness.

Step 9: Trim the excess fabric and glue with fabric glue.

And done!  This really does not take much time.
I know I may be getting ahead of myself, since it isn’t even holy week yet, but I wanted to have my Easter decorations done so that after the Easter vigil we can come hope and start celebrating!
I hope you are all having a blessed Lent.  Please come back often.  I have lots of Easter and holy week projects I have been working on, and many are ready to be posted soon!
In Christ,

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