My abc adventure felt alphabet book for boys

My ABC Adventure: Felt Alphabet Book for Boys

Well, I've been busy!  A couple of weeks ago I shared a felt alphabet book pattern for girls--and because I have a very outspoken boy here in my house--I quickly worked to get the boy version done.  And HERE IT IS! MY ABC ADVENTURE felt alphabet book for boys is on sale today for only $5 (half price) and will be half price for one week. Before I get into the details of the pattern, I'd like to talk about how awesome it is to be the mom of boys, and this very special boy in particular. I grew up in a house of girls.  I was one of 4 sisters and only got a brother when I was older.  As a result I never really understood boy things--like rough housing or swords and gun and dinosaurs.  My childhood was incredible happy--but also incredibly girly. I am now the mother of 2 little boys--Gus will be 4 in May and Dominic was born in June.  My oldest, Gus, is ALL BOY.  He loves it all--trucks, legos, dinosaurs, guns, tractors, football, snow-blowers, shovels...  And with every passing I am falling more and more in love with little boys.  They are just ...
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