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I'm Nancy, a wife and mother of 4.

  • I believe that it is a beautiful thing to be a Catholic Woman.
  • I believe that Catholic Women have specific needs and unique struggles. 
  • And, I believe that we need a place to come together, because together we are stronger.


We have chosen to live bold, uncompromising lives. 

Join the sisterhood of over 7K Catholic Women

Welcome to Do Small Things with Love, a Community for Catholic Women like you.

As Catholic women, we are called to live IN the world, but refuse to be ruled BY the world.

We love our Faith.

We love our Families.

We feel lucky and blessed to be Catholic Women.

But sometimes this life can feel a little lonely...

As Catholic Women, we share many of the same struggles and worries and fears. Often we can feel isolated, but we are not alone.

Just One Small Thing: Everyday Wisdom for Catholic Women is a No-Nonsense, Faith-Based Podcast for (you guessed it!) Catholic Women.

Tune in for a new episode every week full of real, honest, and vulnerable Catholic truths.

Available for all devices.

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This beautiful PRINTED book includes reflections and original paintings for each mystery of the Rosary. 

It was a labor of love that I pray will bring more souls under the tender care of our Blessed Mother Mary.

Nearly 2,000 books have already been sold and are currently in use.  Praise God!

Mary is My Favorite

A mission to increase Marian Devotion through the Rosary.

On Thanksgiving Day, 2017, I lost a beautiful little baby boy that I had carried in my womb for 20 weeks. 

It nearly broke me.

And yet, in that dark hospital room, Mary was there. I called, She came, and I was changed.

We named our little boy Maximilian, after the great Marian Saint, Maximilian Kolbe, and since that day I have been on a mission.

Ever worry that you just don't have the resources to teach your children The Faith well? 

I get that feeling too and that is why I have worked so hard to create some simple, yet beautiful projects for my children.  I'd love for your Catholic Family to enjoy them too!



Create a JESUS TREE for Lent.

Color the ABC's of the Catholic Faith.

Wanna be Catholic Crafting Buddies?

Because even crafting can be a beautiful prayer.

Fuel your mind, enliven your spirit, and learn more about our beautiful Faith with a good Catholic Book.

Whether you hope to become a better teacher for your children, a better disciple of the Lord, or simply need a peaceful pastime, consider turning off Netflix, and picking up a book.

I've put together an extensive and curated list of books picked by and for Catholic Women.

The Catholic Woman's Reading List

And because you might be wondering, here's my crew.

Bill and I have been married for nearly 8 years. We live just outside of Kansas City where we are working hard to raise these 4 beautiful, wild, LOUD, and amazing children. We hope for more children in the future, but feel pretty blessed (and sometimes OVERWHELMED) with what we have.

Can you relate?  

So, that's I want to hear about you!

It is, without question, my favorite thing to meet other Catholic Women. 

No matter how old you are, where you live, what you've been through, or what you look like, I would love to meet you!  

And since I'm home changing diapers and cleaning up Cheerios most days, perhaps the best place for us to meet is email.

Email is, after all, my love language.

Sign up and look for an email from me. Then, please, respond and introduce yourself! I read every message and almost always respond. 

Can't wait to hear from you!

Your sister in Christ,


I'm just so dang tickled you're here.

"I truly love listening to your podcast; you are so eloquent and offer great tidbits of information which has led me into further reading, researching and praying—thank you!! I feel like your blog and podcasts has had a huge impact on my faith journey."

-Bonnie M.

"I just wanted to send a message telling you how truly blessed I have been by your blog and podcast. I was recently introduced to your podcast about a month ago and I’ve been binge-ing through the episodes! I’m almost caught up! I just can't get enough!"

-Mia T

“I just wanted to say thank you and that I appreciate all that you do. I discovered your podcast a few months ago and then started following you on fb and listening and reading archived materials and I do often think it is exactly what I need in a particular moment.” 

-Jan G.

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