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How To Use My Felt Patterns

Hello friends! Today I am finally writing a post I should have written a long long long time away--How to Use my Felt Patterns.  I am constantly adding patterns to my PATTERN SHOPPE and I wanted to show you that ANYONE can make one of these patterns.  ANYONE!  The reason it took me so long to write this post is because there really isn't anything difficult about using the felt patterns I create--really.  I strive to make patterns that are cute and fun, but simple. In the end my patterns come down to 2 very simple things--cutting and stitching.  Granted often there is some finishing work associated with each project (stuffing, binding...) that is a tiny bit more complicated, but not much.  I try to be very clear and very detailed with those instructions in the actual pattern (offering words and images to help you), but for now, and for this post, I just wanted to clearly explain the basics of using my patterns and to show you that ANYONE, yes ANYONE can successfully accomplish any of these felt patterns--even if this will be the very first time you have held a needle in your hand! --Supplies-- First a quick ...
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