Magazine image transfer for springtime

Magazine Image Transfer Canvases

Hello friends!  I am back today with another image transfer tutorial--but this one is totally different because I used an image from a magazine.  These Magazine Image Transfer Canvases I made to bring a burst of Spring into my home were an experiment I have wanted to do for some time.  I have done several image transfers in the past, but whether I was transferring onto wood, glass or canvas, I always used a photocopied image. But there are so many great pictures in magazines--especially this time of year as flowers seem to bloom on every page.  The end result for these Magazine Image Transfer Canvases I actually very pleased with.  Like all image transfers the end result is not perfect, but instead weathered and artistic. Here is what you will need to transfer a magazine image onto a canvas: Magazine Images (look for thinner pages--the thicker the page more the work you will have to do) 3x3 Mini Canvases Mod Podge Transfer Medium Foam Brush Wet Rag Clear Glaze Spray Satin Ribbon Hot Glue Gun As a first step, trim each of your magazine images to the size of your canvas. Next, using the foam brush, spread the Transfer ...
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