Cross Stitch Family Portrait {free patterns}

cross stitch family portrait pattern

Hello!  Life has been busy since we added our little Dominic just over a month ago.  However, I have to be honest, he is a good baby.  I’m pretty spoiled.  Although I might feel like I don’t have many moments when my hands are free, I have found a few stolen moments here and there […]

Our family of 5

Dominic 1

It has been a summer full of blessings around here.  A little over a month ago we welcomed our third child, Dominic.  He is a sweet little boy, much loved by his older brother and sister.  He loves to nurse and snuggle on my shoulder.  He has wonderfully soft, kissable cheeks–with a cute little dimple […]

53 Tin Can Crafts

53 creative tin can crafts

Hello friends!  If you are has upcycle crazy as I am, then I have a killer roundup for you: 53 Tin Can Crafts.  Each of these tin can crafts is wonderful creative and puts an object we all have plenty of–tin cans–to good use.  Whether they are used to organized, entertain the kids, decorate for […]

Curious George Felt Embroidery Hoop

curious george felt embroidery hoop art

Around our house, we LOVE Curious George.  Love.  We own almost all of the books, the kids love the show, we’ve seen a few movies and we talk talk talk about George all the time.  For this reason I felt that it was very fitting to stitch up a little Curious George Felt Embroidery Hoop […]

Free Blogging Printables

free blogging printables to track your blog's growth, income and daily tasks

Well, all things have to come to an end, even insatiable joy of creating and sharing a Family Binder of free printables.  I hope that you have found this series, or bits and pieces of it, helpful and fruitful.  The binder and all 28 free printables will always be here, free to print and download, […]

Family Binder: 2 Happy Family Printables

free family binder happy family printables

Family Binder: 2 Happy Family Printables My family is my life.  My full-time job is my family and I feel so lucky that I can dedicate so much of myself, my energy and my time, to my family.  Because of this I have spent a lot of time reflecting on why some families are happy, and […]

Family Binder: Printable Contact Sheets

free family binder 3 printable contact sheets

  Ready for more Family Binder Printables?  Great!  Today I’m sharing: Family Binder–Printable Contact Sheets.  Now, if that doesn’t curl your toes with utter excitement, than, um, sorry. There are certain things that are just DUH as far as whether they should be included in a Family Binder or not.  Contact sheets are one of […]

Family Binder: 5 Printables to Manage Your Stuff

free family binder 5 printables to help manage you stuff

Today we are continuing on with building our Family Binder.  I have a total of 28 free printables that I will be sharing as part of this series, and today I am sharing: Family Binder–5 Printables to Manage Your Stuff. Where did all of this stuff come from?  Before I got married–just under 4 years […]

Family Binder: 5 Kid/Baby Organization Printables

free family binder 5 kid printables

Hello and welcome back to my little Free Printable Family Binder Series.  Today post I am calling Family Binder: Kid-Baby Organizational Printables because guess what, I will be sharing 5 printables aimed at helping organize all things kid in your life: their development, education, care, and all their stuff (my, do they have a lot […]

Caring for Their Smiles with Orajel

orajel projects

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids. Hello!  As you may well know by this point, I love taking and sharing pictures of my kids.  I spend a lot of time trailing after them with my camera at the ready.  And, I take a lot of pictures.  A lot. […]

Family Binder: 3 Domestic Management Printables

Free Family Binder Domestic Management

Hello and welcome back.  As I said earlier this week, I put together a 28 page Family Binder just packed with free printables that are aimed at organizing, stream-lining and improving the life of any family.  I made them for my own family, but decided to offer them here, in the event that I’m not […]

Family Binder: 4 Printable Calendars

Free Family Binder 4 Helpful Calendars

Are you ready to get organized!  Yay!  Okay, I’m not a person that gets really thrilled about organization, but I do really love how much easier (and better) life is when it is organized.  And so, with the final pay-off in mind, I present: Family Binder–4 Printable Calendars to get you and your family organized. […]

Family Binder: Introduction

family binder 28 free printables to get organized

Hello!  Well I am FINALLY getting around to sharing something here that I have been working on for a LONG time: Free Printable Family Binder.  It has long been–and continues to be–a goal of mine to get my family more organized.  You see, some people are natural organizers.  My husband is one, my sister Maria […]

10 Kitty Cat Craft Ideas

10 kitty cat craft ideas

Hello and welcome back!  Today’s collection of featured craft ideas are a little odd for me: 10 Kitty Cat Craft Ideas.  Although I am unsure if anyone from my family actually reads my blog (hello, any family here) if my family is here they are certainly rolling their eyes or shaking their heads right now. […]

DIY Playhouse

Complete Instructions--from framing to rafters--for building a Playhouse

Hello!  I am taking the easy way out today and sharing something AMAZING my sister posted on her blog, Family Farm Experience:  DIY Playhouse. She is MUCH more of a DIYer than I am, or ever will be, and she built this Playhouse for her kids.  Yes, she built this. Over on her blog she gives […]

Farm Picutres


Make no bones about it, I am a farm girl, and proud of it.  Although I love (LOVE!) my husband and our life together in the suburbs (at the end of a cul-de-sac, in a mini van…ya know, all of it) it is a bit of a personal sadness for me that my kids don’t […]

51 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

51 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Hello and welcome back to Do Small Things with Love.  Today I’m sharing with your 51 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.  I love creating in all ways, but I get a special thrill out of creating something fun/functional/beautiful/educational from what would otherwise be garbage.  While lost in Pinterest one day I discovered just how wildly creative […]

DIY Felt Baby Hair Accessories

DIY felt hair accessory for baby

Okay, today I am sharing something sweet, simple and perfect for the little girl in your life: DIY Felt Baby Hair Accessories.  I have a fun little girl that (finally) has long enough hair to do something with, and I have been really enjoying that.  And so has she!  She loves having her hair done […]

Felt Baby Name Banner

baby felt name banner tutorial

Hello!  I am happy to be here today to share a little project that I just completed for my (soon to be) 3 kids: Felt Baby Name Banners.  I say soon to be because I am in my final days? weeks? of pregnancy and have been working hard to get things ready for the baby […]

13 Fun Felt Pouches

13 fun felt pouches

Today I have rounded up 13 fun felt pouches for your hopeful inspiration, and–I’m not quite sure how to feel about this–but they are all MY projects.  Wow.  I have made a lot of felt pouches.  I was recently organizing my archives and discovered this trend.  I really didn’t notice it before.  I hope that […]