Newspaper Beads Tutorial

upcycled rosary made from newspaper beads

Hello!  I hope your Holy Week has been going well.  As you can see, I have been taking bit of a break from on-line distractions this week, but am back today with #MyFavoriteBloggers to share an upcycle project: Newspaper Beads.  This project does take a little time, but I really love that I started with, […]

Felt Hexagon Pouch

hexagon pouch 1

Hello welcome back to the blog.  I hope that the weather has warmed up a little where you are and that Spring is on the way.  If not, I hope that this little project, Felt Hexagon Pouch, adds a little cheer and warm to your day.  You all know that I love working with felt…but […]

Sheep Easter Cards

sheep easter cards craft for kids with free printable

I had big plans for today’s post…but in the end I felt very pregnant and tired and a little defeated by potty training.  Sooooo, instead I am sharing this very simple and cute printable for your kids to use to make adorable Sheep Easter Cards this year. The innocent little lamb is one of my […]

25 Creative Watercolor Projects

25 creative watercolor projects for all skill levels

Hello!  Today’s roundup of 25 Creative Watercolor Projects will hopefully inspire you as much as it has inspired me.  I really love watercolor (thanks mom!), both for creative projects of my own and for the creative projects I do with my kids.  Although they are only 1 and 2 years old, both of my kids […]

Nativity Stones {Review}

nativity stones review

Thank you to Nativity Stones for sending me this beautiful necklace to review.  All opinions, as always, are my own.  PS, make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this post for a special DISCOUNT CODE! I have often dreamt of traveling to the Holy Land, and walking where Jesus walked, standing […]

Felt Leaf Coasters

felt leaf coasters with free template

Lately I have been working on smaller projects, like these Felt Leaf Coasters.  My problem with crafting is that I often have sooo many ideas swirling in my head that I am eager to get done with one and onto the next…and I get frustrated when a project takes a long time to accomplish.  Thankfully […]

Carrot Cake Cupcakes Recipe

carrot cake cupcakes

As I shared last week, I am going to strive to make this blog about more than just crafts and recipes.  However, I do have a bit of a back-log of crafts and recipes to post here.  So, at least for today, I am going to try to combine these 2 things: creating and believing, […]

On Being a Catholic Blogger

on being a catholic blogger

Hi.  I’m going to do things a little different today.  Lately, behind the scenes I have been really thinking and thinking about this little blog.  Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, or potty training stress, or something else, but I feel like things have gotten a little bit away from me lately.  I thought it was […]

50 Flower Crafts for Spring

50 flower crafts for spring

Are you ready for some amazing flower power crafting goodness?  Well, ready or not, I have 50 Flower Crafts for Spring.  There are so so so many great ideas here–ideas for kids, with felt, crochet patterns, paper flowers, printables, wreaths, tissue paper, hair things…on and on!  I hope that these ideas pull you out of […]

Felt Easter Egg Purse

felt easter egg purse tutorial

Hello.  Sometimes I get really excited about a new craft idea I have, and although I like this craft…I am really just using this project, a Felt Easter Egg Purse, to show off some cute pictures of my little girl.  I admit it!  This is a shameless post…well really just a bunch of pictures…that I […]

Religious Painted Plastic Easter Eggs

religious painted plastic easter eggs tutorial

Hello!  Today I’m sharing a simply (very simple) project that I made for my little guy Gus this Easter: Religious Painted Plastic Easter Eggs.  (I seem to be very inspired by my son this Easter season–>> see yesterday’s post).  There is really no mystery or shocking how-to here…I just painted some plastic eggs, outlined in […]

Easter Resurrection Set {Free Printable}

Easter Resurrection Set--Free Printable

Okay, hi.  I am actually really (really!) excited to share this project with you today: Easter Resurrection Set, free printable.  It here for you to print, color and display this Easter Season.  It is much like a nativity set, which we all set out at Christmas, only this set celebrates the miracle of Easter. Before […]

Gathered Felt Flower Tutorial #CreativeBuzz

gather felt flower pastel

Hello!  I am thrilled today to be teaming up with some of my best blogging buddies, a group we call #CreativeBuzz.  Gosh darn it, we are ready for spring and we are celebrating this by driving into pastels.  When I thought of pastels I thought flowers and decided to share a gathered felt flower tutorial […]

Egg-Head Easter Cards

Egg Head Easter Cards

Hi!  Just stopping by really quick to share something, ummm, really silly.  Maybe I shouldn’t even share it?  Oh, whatever!  Just for fun, here are some Egg-Head Easter Cards for you to print, color and give, to the egg-heads in your life. Okay, my kids and I are into coloring little cards and giving them […]

Easy Holy Week Watercolor Art

printable watercolor crucifix

Today I am sharing a very simple, easy and yet beautiful project to do with your kids, toddlers and up, this Lent.  This Easy Holy Week Watercolor Art project is made even easier with the printable crucifix I’ve made.  I did a very similar project to this last year (see it here) but because it […]

30 Christian Easter Crafts

30 Christian Easter Crafts

Today I am thrilled to be sharing 30 Christian Easter Crafts with you today.  I know, I always say that my latest roundup is my favorite, but this one, Christian Easter Crafts, was a total inspiration to put together.  I want to do all of these crafts, especially the kid-friendly ones.  I just love all […]

Embroidering Paper with Amy Tangerine

embroidered paper tutorial with Amy tangerine

This project post is a part of a paid marketing campaign with Snap. Although this post is sponsored the project idea and all opinions expressed are my own. Hello!  As you know, if you have stopped by Do Small Things with Love before, I like to embroider…a lot.  Just when I was starting to think that […]

Lenten Finger Puppets: Jesus Risen

fp risen

And, finally, today we have reached the final Lenten Finger Puppet: Jesus Risen.  Lent, if done properly, is long and hard, but it makes Easter all the more joyful if we enter into some of Christ’s suffering.  This collection of finger puppets might not be the most cute and fun puppets, but they are meant to […]

Lenten Finger Puppets: Good Thief

fp good thief

Today I am sharing the second to the last Lenten Finger Puppet, The Good Thief.  Yesterday I shared Jesus on the Cross and reflected a little bit on the agony Her experienced there.  Today let’s once again marvel at how although scorned and beaten and crucified Jesus still loved and forgave and welcomed the reformed sinner. […]

Lenten Finger Puppets: Jesus on the Cross

FP jesus cross

Today I am sharing the eleventh Lenten Finger Puppet: Jesus on the Cross.  As I’ve mentioned, there are 4 different Jesus puppets in this little collection, and Jesus on the Cross is the 3rd.  In many ways this puppet is like the Suffering Jesus puppet, but I really wanted a puppet where Jesus was on the […]