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Prayer and Being Haunted By Past Failures

Confession: Only once have I actually stuck with and completed a Scripture Study.  Only once. I have started countless Bible and Scripture Studies, embarked on several scheduled attempts to read the daily readings or dig into the lives of the saints or set aside dedicated time for prayer.  And every time, save one, I have failed.  Usually the failure came only a few days in and was rationalized with a pathetic excuse. And that's the truth.  When it comes to dedicated prayer, I have a history of failure.  And this fact, this identity  of being failure at prayer, has been haunting me lately.  It is making me doubt myself and wonder why I even try. Advent is all the sudden breathing down my throat and I have committed to do a 4 week lectio divina study.  I want to do this study--and I sort of need to since I created it and am part of a trio of women leading an active Facebook group through the study.  So, I really had better do the study and do it well.  I wish I didn't need this motivation, but I kinda do. I am determined to put the time in to this study and (hopefully) reap rich rewards. But ...
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