How to Thrive when your husband travels

How to THRIVE When Your Husband Travels

My husband travels for work, a lot.  His trips are long, 2 weeks or more, they come often, sometimes month after month, and they usually take him to the other side of the world. When he first took this job 2 years ago I suffered--and just barely survived while he was gone. But, other these 2 years our little family has lived through many long trips.  I spent a good deal of time crying on the phone to him (admittedly) but I can honestly say things are going better--and they are going better because I have discovered a few ways to not only survive his trips--but to THRIVE when my husband travels. In case you are in a similar situation, here is what I have found works for us: 1. If you can, Travel Yourself My husband had been kicking around the idea of taking this job full of travel for several months, but due to my adamant resistance hadn't moved on it.  He began pursuing other opportunities and then one morning I came across a picture of my nephew, who lives near my parents and their farm, out helping my dad with the cattle.  The pride on that little ...
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