Why I need the pain of Chidbirth

Why I Need the Pain of Childbirth

As a woman with childbirth (hopefully) still in my future, I can't really believe I'm about to say this, but here it is.  I need the pain of childbirth when my children are born. I need not only pain, but not just pain, I need that life-changing pain we feel while giving birth--to be a part of welcoming my children into the world.  And I know this from experience. I have been through childbirth 3 times now and each experience was wildly different.  The only universal between the 3 was the pain.  All sorts of different pain, but it was all awful and the memory of any of it makes me shutter.  And yet I know that when it comes time for me to delivery my next baby I will do it unmediated and that horrible pain will be mine again. I don't write this post as advice or (worse) gospel.  Absolutely no one should feel guilty about the choices they made during childbirth--or believe that one choice is better than another. Instead I want to add this perspective to the often heated debate for to-be-moms.  When I was preparing for the birth of my first the question of pain-killers seemed ...
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