Bat Cross Stitch Pattern

Halloween Bat Cross Stitch Pattern

Okay, okay, I know today is Halloween and you probably don’t have time to stitch up anymore Halloween crafts.  Well, too bad, I’m going to share this Halloween Bat Cross Stitch Pattern anyway!  As you have probably noticed around here lately, I’m sort-of into cross stitch.  It is the perfect craft to do while relaxing. […]

Jesus and Mary Cross Stitch Pattern

Jesus and Mary cross stitch pattern instant download

  At long last I have finally added a few more patterns to my etsy shop.  My favorite new patterns is this one, Mary and Jesus Cross Stitch Pattern.  It’s simple but I think it is lovely and am I crazy, or does it look like Mary is actually gazing at her sweet baby boy? […]

The Undershirt Experiment with MyUltimateCare Bleach

the undershirt experiment

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox. All opinions are 100% mine. I’m a lot of things–but I have never been accused of being a clean-freak–or to even have exceedingly high standards in that area.  Yes, my house is clean and we are all wearing clean clothes, but is it […]

Choosing Life to the End

A beautiful reflection on falling in love with life at a nursing home.

Today’s post in the Choosing to be Open to Life series comes from Ana, who blogs over at Time Flies When You’re Having Babies.  She offers a beautiful and important message about being open to life that she learned in a nursing home. Last spring Mike came to me with the idea of our family […]

Felt Owl Coin Purses

Felt Owl Coin Purse Beauty

If you have spent any time here at all, you know well that I have a thing for creating with felt.  I just love how easy it is to work with.  Well, I have a few favorite felt project to share with you today: Felt Owl Coin Purses.  They are cute, easy and functional.  They […]

Black Cat Tutu Halloween Costume

black kitty halloween costume

Well, it’s almost Halloween and I have been busy making costumes.  We have decided to go with a royal theme around here–a knight, a princess, a baby dragon and a king a queen–but I have also been working a a couple of costumes for friends of ours who have their hands a little full right […]

Curious George Halloween Costume

curious george halloween

  I have to be honest, I am a little overwhelmed by halloween.  I see other moms that whip up these amazing costumes, totally handmade, and I just don’t have the drive, skill, or time to do all of that.  And so (since I am super lazy) I thought I’d share the super simple halloween […]

Choosing to be Open to Life: Tips for Starting NFP


Today we have a non-blogger, Lindsay, here to share tips for starting NFP.  Please, make her feel welcome!   I have really loved reading Nancy’s “Being Open to Life” series, because it has highlighted some amazing stories of adoption, infertility, openness to children, and God’s plan for marriage and family life. Many of the stories […]

Felt Owl Coin Purse (with hidden closure)

felt owl coin purse with template ll

Okay, prepare yourselves.  Today’s project–Felt Owl Coin Purse with Hidden Closure–is so cute that it might actually overwhelm you if you aren’t ready.  I mean really, aren’t they cute?  I’m a little obsessed with these little guys.  After I stitched they up I actually turned to my husband and squealed, demanding “aren’t they the cutest?” […]

I love fall…

fall pic

We took a walk yesterday afternoon…and it was almost magical…       Dominic at 4 months.   THE shot.   And then we headed back home.   Nancy

Nativity Silhouette Cross Stitch Pattern

Nativity Silhouette Cross Stitch Pattern

Today I am stopping by just briefly to share a new pattern I’m offering in my etsy shop: Nativity Silhouette Cross Stitch Pattern.  This pattern, like many in my etsy shop, is only $2 and will begin to download instantly once the transaction is complete.  So, if you are looking for a sweet little something […]

Choosing to be Open to Life: Worth the Risk?


Today’s post on Choosing to be Open to Life comes from Katie who blogs over at Raising Young Ones.   Making a Cursillo weekend 7 months before we were set to be married was the “kick in the butt” my fiancé and I needed to understand the beauty and responsibility we had in living out our Catholic faith.  […]

15 Spooky Halloween Crafts

15 spooky Halloween Crafts

It’s time to get the house, the kids and the classroom ready for Halloween with these 15 spooky Halloween Crafts.  There is something here for everyone–with Halloween projects for those that love to crochet, stitch, paint, glue, edit or just print! Who out there loves Halloween?  Well, I certainly do.  Although it is not my […]

Halloween Kitty Cross Stitch Pattern

halloween kitty cross stitch pattern

Hello friends!  I’ve been stitching again and have added a new listing to my etsy shop: Halloween Kitty Modern Cross Stitch Pattern. Well, I am (for the time being) still giving etsy a try.  I have had 3 official sales–which is better than none!  At the moment I am trying to build my pattern library […]

Choosing to be Open to Life: 5 Ways We Bring Life to Our Marriage

5 ways we bring life to our marriage

Today’s post in the Choosing to be Open to Life is from Cassie from Kent Heartstings.  Read, and learn from her. I am very nervous and excited to share my heart with you today! Super stoked about being invited by Nancy, from Do Small Small Things With Love to be a part of this series. Please […]

You are Officially a Stay At Home Mom When…

you are officially stay at home mom when

I’m a stay-at-home-mom and have been for over 3 years.  However, for a while there I was just a mom who quit teaching because, where I live at least, daycare costs made my income laughable.  And so, I was home full time. It took me awhile–a couple of years–to really understand what it meant to […]

On This Season Of Motherhood

season 2

It was 10am, and already the day had been long.  We had been late to swimming lessons, all three kids had snot running down their faces, breakfast was still sitting on the table, my daughter had removed her diaper and peed all over the kitchen, the baby had yet to be put down for a […]

Lego Man Embroidery Hoop Art

Lego Embroidery Hoop Art

Ready for an AWESOME felt project today?  Great!  Here is a fun Lego Man Embroidery Hoop Art that you can stitch up and complete in a matter of minutes. My son is OBSESSED with legos–and the Lego Movie.  So, I thought that this would be a fun addition to our playroom. Well, we live in […]

Choosing to be Open to Life: Learning the Hard Way

hard wy

Today’s post in the Choosing to be Open to Life Series is written by Christina from A Catholic Reversal. Our reversion story is the best way I can tell you how we came to be open to life.  We had to learn the hard way, by almost losing our fertility permanently.  Through the grace of God and a […]

Pumpkin Embroidery

pumpkin embroidery cg

So, I’ve been stitching again.  Shocked?  Today I will share a little Pumpkin Embroidery. Since it is officially fall, and officially chilly around here, I am in a pumpkin frame of mind.  For a while now I have been thinking about stitching up a pumpkin…and falling a little flat.  I mean the shape of a […]